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FAQ About Premium Domains

What are premium domains?

Premium domain names are more valuable than other domains because they are short, catchy, popular keywords with a popular extension.

Why are premium domains so expensive?

Premium names are expensive when they represent an exact match of what the website has to offer, for example is a super premium domain because it’s short, exact match keyword that needs no explanation on what the website is all out, a domain like adds trust to a user to make a purchase and it’s super easy to remember.

Can I negotiate with a premium domain seller?

You can only negotiate the price of a premium domain when the seller lists it for sale with a buy now option + make an offer option, if a listings has no make an offer option than you can’t negotiate the price, if the seller provides their contact information or a phone number than you can attempt to contact them with an offer.

Where can I buy a premium domain?

One of the largest premium domain marketplaces out there is, with millions of domains listed it has the largest inventory for new domain registration and premium domain names, Godaddy has daily auctions of premium name as well.

Can I finance a premium domain?

Yes, some domain marketplaces like a Godaddy brand that offers lease to own options, use the domain shortly after your 1st payment, take full ownership after the final payment.

Importance of Premium Sports Domains

Sports events are one of the most celebrated global events. They have brought individuals of different countries, races and colors to a place of unity. This is one industry that will not be forgotten.

Since the sports industry draws a large audience, and a larger percentage of the total audience size won’t be physically present, the internet presents a beneficial solution for everyone. With the internet, activities like watching matches, sports betting and others won’t reach a larger audience.

There are various areas in the sports industry that has an impressive market. As expected, the thriving market also comes with steep competition from other competitors. So, what will place you at the top of your game and give you the edge above others? A brand identity.

Brand identity describes the image of your brand; it goes beyond the logo and company colours. Another prominent component of your brand is your website domain.

Your domain name just like your home address describes the boundary of your authority. Your sports domain name gives people access to your website and content. A sports domain name is a string of creatively blended words which ends with an extension.

The Sports industry thrives on the internet. So, allow yourself to earn more with less effort. As you update your website with interesting content and more people visit your site. Your visibility improves and your SEO ranking increases. Utilize your domain as a wonderful advertising and marketing tool.

Premium Sports Domains

Why go through the hassle of building your brand and SEO ranking from scratch? Premium Sports domains will lighten your workload. With its pre-established reputation and high traffic-generating capacity, be ready for a long and enjoyable experience.

Premium Sports domains are previously registered sports domains that have an established audience. They are usually easy to remember and locate because of their features. An ideal premium travel domain consists of a few memorable words which concise but informative.

It uses a maximum of three words to describe your industry, brand, and services, and build your identity to your target audience. Your premium domain should not be ambiguous, and your target audience should not be second-guessing the sort of services you offer.

The only catch of premium sports domains is the price tag attached to them. While general sport domain names are on the lower end of the budget-friendly scale, premium wedding domains cannot boast of it.

Due to their appealing nature and general net worth, premium sports domains are high-end resources. These domains are old domains that were likely registered some decades ago.

What Makes an Excellent Premium Sports Domain Name?


A good sports domain name tells your audience about brand services and industry while a premium sports domain announces your brand services and leaves no doubt about your industry. It is clear, precise and informative. This premium sports domain is relevant to your company’s niche and does not conflict with your business brand. For instance, a tech brand is more likely to use rather than


A good premium sports domain is mobile. It allows you to change your online or physical location and still retain your audience. So, if you ever desire to relocate across the country or continent, go ahead! Your domain name requires a low annual fee charge. So, once you keep clearing these fees, your domain remains with you.


A product is satisfactory when it provides the desired value. While searching sports domains for sale, ensure that your desired premium sports domain ranks high on the SEO. You don’t want to get the lowest SEO ranking after your efforts. Check the domain’s origin or track the traffic records to ensure optimal purchase.


Why you want a  premium sports domain should be your benchmark here. Take all necessary measures to ensure that your main objective is achieved. If the domain will suit your needs, go for it. If it won’t, choose a better alternative. Do not fix yourself on one domain name when it isn’t suiting your needs!

Is the Domain Name Similar to IP Address?

No, your IP address and Domain name are not the same. Your domain name consists of letters which describe your location on the internet. While your IP (internet protocol) address consists of numbers which are connected to the PC server. An IP address describes the location of your device on the internet.

Since the computer processes information in numbers, the IP address works for it. A domain name is more appealing to humans since it has letters which we understand. Both the IP address and domain name are connected, the domain name serves as a link to the IP address.

Tips for Choosing a Good Sports Domain Name,

While searching for a sports domain name, there are certain things you should look out for. In this section, we will be sharing some of them.

It must be Clear and Catchy

This fact cannot be overemphasized, any domain name you choose must be recallable, give an idea of your business and have a nice hook. If it gets very familiar and becomes a household name, then your goal has been achieved.


SEO ranking and keywords are closely related. For your website or content to come up during a search, it must have the required keywords. So, your domain name must contain keywords that are consistent with your company and services. A domain name like will not help your SEO ranking because the relevant keywords are absent.

It must have Adequate Extensions

There are various types of extensions. You could use your locality as an extension e.g However, since a high population of internet users are not sensitive to technological terms,  it’s best to use the popular extension that most people know. So, make sure your domain name ends with a .com; for example,


As you shop for your domain name,  ensure that your selection is relevant to your trade. It must appeal to your target audience and have enough SEO keywords. So, ask yourself a few relevant questions and pick your best option.