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FAQ About Premium Domains

What are premium domains?

Premium domain names are more valuable than other domains because they are short, catchy, popular keywords with a popular extension.

Why are premium domains so expensive?

Premium names are expensive when they represent an exact match of what the website has to offer, for example is a super premium domain because it’s short, exact match keyword that needs no explanation on what the website is all out, a domain like adds trust to a user to make a purchase and it’s super easy to remember.

Can I negotiate with a premium domain seller?

You can only negotiate the price of a premium domain when the seller lists it for sale with a buy now option + make an offer option, if a listings has no make an offer option than you can’t negotiate the price, if the seller provides their contact information or a phone number than you can attempt to contact them with an offer.

Where can I buy a premium domain?

One of the largest premium domain marketplaces out there is, with millions of domains listed it has the largest inventory for new domain registration and premium domain names, Godaddy has daily auctions of premium name as well.

Can I finance a premium domain?

Yes, some domain marketplaces like a Godaddy brand that offers lease to own options, use the domain shortly after your 1st payment, take full ownership after the final payment.

The Recreation Industry

The recreation industry was built on the popular saying ‘All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It is an industry that is a mix of physical activities, entertainment and education. Like all growing and lucrative industries, the market is competitive and only the prominent companies make the largest profits because of their high visibility index. Although the recreation industry is divided into the entertainment section and physical activities, which can be done either at home or outdoors, the online community is still relevant here.

Due to the busy schedules of many individuals, they can only search for and book their preferred recreational activities and sessions online. Many individuals and organizations do not have an endless time limit. So, they will likely book at a high-profile company or choose the first organisation they see on a web search.

Picking The Right Tools

Some others that are more intentional, may pick the institutions which suit their perception of a recreation company. Whatever the reason may be, the companies were chosen primarily on their level of visibility. The first on the list gets more attention seems to be the golden internet rule! So, how can we beat this challenge and ensure we have a high visibility rank? Read on to find out!

Many tools have been used to boost companies’ visibility over the years. From word of mouth to advertisement and many others. However, these tools may not be 100% effective in this day and age. We live in a fast-paced world where people are constantly distracted by various information. So, you are not only competing against your peers in the industry but the endless stream of data and information that is exposed to your target audience.

So, to stand out from this influx of information, we have to use the right tools. People will always move towards what appeals to their physical senses. What they hear, see and smell, grabs their attention effectively. So, let’s use their visual and auditory senses to our advantage.

A simple tool that will help you achieve this goal is your domain name. In this online era, a definite way to make a strong impression is through an excellent domain name. Your recreation domain name speaks for you everywhere it is seen. It is an exceptional and strong marketing tool. Your recreation brand certainly needs a recreation domain name.

A domain name is the web address of a website. It should consist of only letters so that people can remember it. Your ideal domain name attracts your potential clients to you and invites users to your website. Another tool with a higher attractive power is the premium domain names.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

A premium domain name is a professional domain name which consists of letters creatively organised to form an attractive word or phrase. An ideal premium domain name is usually short and consists of a maximum of 10 letters. So, your premium recreation domain should be creative, attractive and short. With these features, it will pique the interest of your prospective customers. A premium recreation domain is relevant, and brandable but more expensive than a regular domain name. It tells people about your brand and services with a few words. So, you will be able to get the right traffic and boost sales.

Benefits of a Premium Recreation Domain

1. Brand identity

Building a brand identity is a long and demanding job. You have to carefully organise how you want your brand to look and pattern everything accordingly. Building your brand identity from the beginning may seem hard because you will fight to secure your slot in the industry. In many instances, various companies in the same industry share the same goals and values. However, the right premium domain name gives your brand an edge. In situations like that, it is the brand with the best domain name and services that get more sales.

2. Marketing

Premium recreation domains should have relevant keywords that clearly describe the job description of a brand. It gives the best impression of a brand’s products and markets the brand to all and sundry. These domains are easy to share and market.

The keywords give concise information about a brand’s products and services. In addition, the purchase value of a domain name tells you its relevance to your brand. With its keywords, your website will be among the top-ranked websites after a web search. So, you generate more traffic and accommodate the right visitors.

3. Professional

The right premium domain name is direct and relevant to your brand. It makes your brand look professional and invites users to interact with your website’s content. If your website is adequately organised, and easy to navigate, and the content is relevant to your business, you will attract top-profile clients who will appreciate your worth. A bad domain name and a haphazardly arranged website discourage your prospective clientele.

For instance, or sounds more professional than In the latter domain name, the services and industry are not clear. We cannot point out the specific industry or service that it will likely render. While and indicate services that will offer relaxation o play. So, activities like massages, games, laughter and many others may not be far-fetched.

4. SEO ranking

The more relevant the keywords, the higher your brand’s SEO ranking. In addition, premium recreation domain names that have been functional for a long already have a remarkable SEO rating. So, obtaining them will ease your labour and help you gain more visibility.


An exceptional premium recreation domain name is relevant, professional and marketable. It calls people to your website and eventually boosts sales.

Note that a premium recreation domain is a long-term investment into your website with heavy dividends. As it helps your daily website activities, it will appreciate over the years. So, if the thought of selling your premium domain appeals to you after sometime, go for it.

Although premium recreation domains are a bit pricey, you can get recreation domains for sale and premium recreation domains for sale at affordable rates on