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FAQ About Premium Domains

What are premium domains?

Premium domain names are more valuable than other domains because they are short, catchy, popular keywords with a popular extension.

Why are premium domains so expensive?

Premium names are expensive when they represent an exact match of what the website has to offer, for example is a super premium domain because it’s short, exact match keyword that needs no explanation on what the website is all out, a domain like adds trust to a user to make a purchase and it’s super easy to remember.

Can I negotiate with a premium domain seller?

You can only negotiate the price of a premium domain when the seller lists it for sale with a buy now option + make an offer option, if a listings has no make an offer option than you can’t negotiate the price, if the seller provides their contact information or a phone number than you can attempt to contact them with an offer.

Where can I buy a premium domain?

One of the largest premium domain marketplaces out there is, with millions of domains listed it has the largest inventory for new domain registration and premium domain names, Godaddy has daily auctions of premium name as well.

Can I finance a premium domain?

Yes, some domain marketplaces like a Godaddy brand that offers lease to own options, use the domain shortly after your 1st payment, take full ownership after the final payment.

Importance of Software Premium Domain

The software industry is the home of research, discovery and technology. It is very wide and it covers many areas. From gaming softwares, and other entertainment softwares, to the technology involved in device development, this industry offers a lot of opportunities. Still, for every action, there is an equal and opposing reaction. 

So, for the various opportunities software offers, there is also a highly competitive market here. Since most software companies and brands sell similar products, how can you attract your ideal brand loyalists? You can add a unique feature to your brand but your competitors will likely replicate it. 

You might use traditional advertising tools which poses a few limitations. Some of them are; your ideal clientele may not see it, and many will likely forget it (the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ theory holds some truth). In addition to this, your advert has a limited time for broadcasting. All these may not apply in your case but two out of the various options we shared with you will likely apply. So, how do we conquer this challenge? There are a lot of tools we can use to get the attention of our potential clientele. However, for the sake of this article, we will focus on one namely, Software Domain names.

What are Software Domain names?

 Domain names are names or phrases that describe the address of your website. It defines your location of authority and operation. While a Software Domain name is simply a domain name that you use for your software company. A software domain name is a part of your brand identity and it gives your potential customers a hint about your business operations and services. 

In addition to your logo and social media content, your software domain name sets you apart from other science companies. We live in the digital age where most of us organize, transact and handle most of our businesses online. 

Your visitors will likely visit your website before coming to your Headquarters. So, your software domain name must make a strong impression on them. Your domain name, logo and website content will either convince them of your brand or discourage them.

 So, ensure you get these tools right! The market is oversaturated by the bigwigs and startups of the software industry. So, you can’t afford to say No to more visibility. The amount of traffic and orders you receive determines the success of your brand goals.

A Software Domain name is good but a Premium Software Domain name will give you better results.

What are Premium Science Domains?

Premium Software Domains are old domain names that have been established under a different registry. They are exclusive domain names that are catchy, memorable and recallable. A premium software domain name effortlessly brings the right traffic to your website. 

These types of Domains have more attractive power than regular Domain names. They build your brand identity and promote your services simultaneously. Since the Software industry has various offers, you must choose the premium domain name that best describes your services. This way, your visitors are not confused about your business. 

A Software Premium Domain is an excellent marketing tool that tells people about your services with no extra charges. Most times, it is a catchy phrase that appeals to your clients and has the potential to be a household name. In addition to this, since a premium software domain has been in operation for a long time, it has an impressive SEO ranking. Thus, traffic generation and sales boosting will likely be at their peak. A premium software domain is catchy, short, attractive and relevant to your field of expertise. 

With a regular domain name, you have to build your SEO ranking, and brand identity and generate traffic gradually. However, with the premium software domain name, you will focus only on brand identity and developing the right content for your clients. It has already covered traffic and SEO ranking.  Due to these advantages, the premium software domain has a higher price tag than the regular ones. However, you can buy or lease from the collection of wedding domains for sale at

Benefits of Science Premium Domain

Brand identity

 People connect with brands that they can relate to. So, your domain name can help with that. For example, if you are in the video editing section of the software industry, a domain name like will likely improve your brand identity. 


A catchy premium software name sells your services to individuals and organizations without advertisements. Since it easily rolls off the tongue, people will remember it and share it with friends and associates. 

In addition, a premium software domain is an excellent online investment that increases value regularly. So, whenever you are tired of the domain, you can sell it and get your money’s worth!


Websites like or will be attractive to institutions because of the simplicity of their names. Since the internet is all about perception, your domain name describes your professional level and makes your clients give you the value you deserve.

Types of Extension

An extension is the last part of a domain name. They can be used to show the geographical location or business niche of your brand. There are various types of extensions which serve different purposes. You must know the extension that suits your demands and work with it. There are three common types of extensions that anyone can use, they are .com, .org and .net. Although, with the growth of the internet, other extensions came up which were for official or specific organizations. 

For example, tells you that only those in the education sector can use it. informs us that the website is owned by the government and something. pizza tells us that the website is likely a pizza hub. Other extensions are like something. science is appropriate. Location extensions like .uk are also trending. 

However, extensions that are specific or location-based have one common limitation: they can be spelt wrongly which will lead visitors to the wrong website. Most visitors are familiar with the .com extension; so, they unconsciously add it when searching for a website.

 Therefore, to control this flaw, pick a website with extension. That way, your visitors will locate your website easily.